I became interested in photography when I stumbled upon the website www.worth1000.com. Worth1000 holds regular photographic contests as well as image manipulation contests. I entered some of the photographic contests and found the Worth1000 community to be very friendly and full of helpful advice. My interest in photography grew from there.

In June 2009, four of us from the Worth community decided that we would do a 365 day project. Take one photo a day and post it on Flickr.

Every day for a whole year.

We started on 1st July 2009 and others joined us along the way. Although it wasn’t mandatory to have a theme, I decided it would work better for me, rather than just take a random photo each day. I decided to use blue jellybeans as my theme because I had previously done a 30 day challenge with them and I felt that it could be improved upon.

At times the going was really tough. I didnt always feel like taking photos. Some of my photos didn't turn out as well as I would have liked. Sometimes I would I wake up in the morning, and have no idea how to approach the task. Many times, I have had limited time and have learnt to get reasonable shots in a short space of time. But there is immense satisfaction in coming up with a good idea and managing to transform that idea into a pleasing photograph. And it would have been very difficult to complete this challenge without those friends who provide regular feedback and encouragement, both over the web and in person. So to those wonderful people - THANK YOU!

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